Corazón del Bolero

José Rubén De León pays tribute to male and female bolero composers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and México. El Corazón del Bolero is the latest musical offering from the creators of the highly acclaimed SIMPLEMENTE LARA, a tribute to Mexican composer, Agustín Lara. The collection of boleros offers solace, company and warmth to the heart and are like a single song, a sentimental tour, that travels through the various stages of love.  With Aaron Ellington Prado, pianist, and George Prado, bassist.

Since 1992, actor-playwright-musician JOSÉ RUBÉN DE LEÓN has created and performed one-man dramas – Mark’s Gospel: A Drama of Hope; St. Francis of Assisi: A Musical; and El Encuentro: Juan Diego y la Virgen de Guadalupe,  Lorca, a one-man drama based on the life and work of Spain’s best-known poet, Federico García Lorca,  and Simplemente Lara, a tribute to the life and music of Mexican composer Agustín Lara.

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Aaron and George Prado

Aaron and George Prado perform Ellington and Gershwin. Photo by Page Graham