‘The House on Mango Street’

The House on Mango Street
José Rubén De León Takes a Stab At 'The House on Mango Street' As posted on San Antonio Current by Enrique Lopetegui For José Rubén De León, securing Sandra Cisneros’ blessings to direct The House on Mango Street was easy. Making it a reality was a different matter. “It almost didn’t happen,” De León told the CurrentContinue Reading

‘Simplemente Lara’ remains a gem

“Simplemente Lara,” Jose Ruben De Leon’s deep dive into the life and music of Mexican composer Agustin Lara, debuted 10 years ago. De Leon and his collaborators — father and son jazz musicians George (on bass) and Aaron (on piano) Prado — marked the occasion Sunday afternoon with what appeared to be a sold-out performanceContinue Reading

Review: ‘Corazon del Bolero’

Bad news for those who decided to wait to make reservations for “Corazon del Bolero”: The three-performance run is sold out. (There is a waiting list.) Those who planned ahead will be richly rewarded. The show — the third collaboration between writer/vocalist Jose Ruben De Leon, pianist Aaron Prado and bassist George Prado — isContinue Reading

Corazón del Bolero

Aaron and George Prado

José Rubén De León pays tribute to male and female bolero composers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and México. El Corazón del Bolero is the latest musical offering from the creators of the highly acclaimed SIMPLEMENTE LARA, a tribute to Mexican composer, Agustín Lara. The collection of boleros offers solace, company and warmth to the heartContinue Reading